I will draw your illustrations or your storyboards


Do you have a project? Then, let’s talk!
I do storyboard work more than 30 years.
I know what I am doing and I know client needs.
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You’ve got project in mind, be it for a commercial, animation, film or a game and want to turn it into a fully realized project. Depending on which package you buy, I will help you bring that idea to life through a storyboard. I’ve been working as a sequential artist for six years now and know all the tricks and trades to crafting an interesting sequence. Storyboard layouts are 3×4 panels per page and limited to 10 pages/120 panels (see package details for more info). Animatics are a maximum of 2 min. (Premium package only). Please have a clear script and reference material before making a purchase. Sorry, but I won’t accept a vague summary of your project only. I look forward to working with you!

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Size Chart

Packages Basic: Rough Basic Sketch, 1 frame panel basic sketch. minimal background sketch, no color, 1 revision included. Standard: Gray shades (Most popular), 1 frame panel - grey shade with shadows, backgrounds, environments, 2 revisions included Premium: Full color, 1 frame panel Full coloring, good details with rich backgrounds, unlimited revisions.